Steering Committee

The CTTI Steering Committee (SC), made up of representatives from CTTI members across multiple sectors, provides input into decisions about CTTI priorities, projects and recommendations. Below, you will find a list of our SC members:

Maria Ali, MBBS, MBA
Head, Medical and Safety Services, University of Sydney
Jeff Allen, PhD
Executive Director
Jaime Arango, EdD, CIP
Director, CITI Educational Initiatives

CITI Program, a Division of BRANY

Richard Barohn, MD
Vice Chancellor for Research
Ely Benaim, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Lisa Berdan, PA, MHS
Director, Global Megatrials
Elise Berliner, PhD
Director of Technology Assessment Program, Center for Evidence and Practice Improvement
Courtney Bisbee, MPH
Clinical Trial Specialist
David Borasky, MPH, CIP
Vice President, Quality Management
Angie Botto-van Bemden, PhD, ATC, CSCS
Director, OA Programs, Science
Angela Britton
Head of Clinical Operations
Andrea Camp
Policy Advisor
David Ciavarella, MD
Vice President, Global Clinical Development
Linda Coleman
Director, Human Research Protection Program
Sabrina Comic-Savic, MD, MPH
Vice President, GCP Quality and Compliance
Dan M. Cooper
Associate Vice Chancellor for Clinical and Translational Science
Sonia Davis, DrPH
Director, Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center
Tricia DeSantis
Vice President, Global Regulatory Policy
Valentina Dilda
Director Experimental Medicine
Kristin Dolinski
Director, Science and Regulatory Advocacy
Paul Eisenberg, MD
Senior Vice President, Global Medical and Chief Medical Officer
Emily Eldh, CIP
Interim Director, Office for Human Research Studies
William Erhardt, MD
Vice President, Clinical Operations
Karen Erickson
Associate Executive Director
Scott Evans, PhD, MS
Harvard University, Senior Research Scientist
Ari Feldman
Vice President, Global Compliance & Strategy
Pat Furlong
Rodrigo Garcia, MD, MS
Head, Global Clinical Applications and Innovation, Biopharma | Global Clinical Operations
Pushkal Garg, MD
Senior Vice President, Clinical Development
Cynthia Geoghegan
Patient/Caregiver Representative
Hernando Giraldo
US Regional Lead Digital Development, Global Clinical Operations
Diederick Grobbee, MD, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Cynthia Grossman, PhD
Associate Director, Science of Patient Input
Judith Hochman, MD
Co-Director, NYU-HHC, CTSI
Grant Huang, MPH, PhD
Deputy Director, Cooperative Studies Program, Office of Research and Development
Patricia Hurley, MSc
Director, Research and Analysis, Center for Research & Analytics (CENTRA)
Telba Irony, PhD
Deputy Director, Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Cheryl Jernigan, CPA, FACHE
Volunteer Advocate/AIS Steering Committee Member
Michael Kaplan
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hallie Kassan, MS, CIP
Director, Office of the HRPP
Mitchell Katz
Executive Director, Medical Research Operations
Joseph P Kim
Senior Advisor, Patient Experience and Design Innovation
Jim Kremidas
Executive Director
Michael G Kurilla, MD-PhD
Director, Division of Clinical Innovation, NCATS
Martin Landray, PhD, FRCP
Professor of Medicine & Epidemiology; Clinical Trial Service Unit & Epidemiological Studies Unit, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford
Patrick Lee, MD
Emily Lemons
Associate Director of Quality Assurance
Joanne Less, PhD
Director, Good Clinical Practice Program
Barbara LeStage
Patient/Caregiver Representative
Michael Lincoff, MD
Director, Center for Clinical Research; Director, Cleveland Clinic Coordinating Center for Clinical Research (C5 Research)
Beverly Lorell, MD, FACC
Senior Medical & Policy Advisor
Theodore Lystig, PhD
Distinguished Statistician
Jerry Menikoff, MD, JD
Lynn Meyer, CCRP
President, Integ Review IRB
Kristen Miller, PharmD
Health Science Policy Analyst, OMP
Jules Mitchel, MBA, PhD
Virginia Nido
Head, Industry Collaborations Management, Product Development, Global External Collaborations
Kathryn O'Callaghan
Acting Associate Director for Science and Strategic Partnerships
Kelley O'Donoghue, MPH, CIP
Executive Director, Research Subjects Review Board
Janette Panhuis, BScN, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Christine Pierre
Lynne Quittell, MD
Vice Chair Data Safety Monitoring Board
Sesquile Ramon, PhD
Director, Science and Regulatory Affairs
James Riddle, MCSE, CIP, CPIA
Vice President of Client Services, Kenetiq
Lindsey Riley
Associate Director, Research Partnerships
Andrew Roddam
Vice President Epidemiology, RWE & Digital Clinical Platforms, Research & Development Projects, Clinical Platforms & Sciences
James Rollins, MD
Director of the Division of Items and Devices; Coverage and Analysis Group
Daniel Rose, MD
Senior Advisor
Joshua Rose
Vice President, Head R&D Solutions Strategy
Ronenn Roubenoff, MD, MHS
Global Head, Musculoskeletal Translational Medicine
Michele Russell-Einhorn, JD
Chief Compliance Officer and Institutional Official
Norman Scherzer
Executive Director
Karlin Schroeder, MA
Director, Community Engagement
Jonathan Seltzer, MD, MA, MBA, FACC
Jeffrey Sherman, MD, FACP
Horizon Pharma, Inc., Chief Medical Officer; Executive VP, Development, Manufacturing, and Regulatory Affairs
Theresa Strong, PhD
Director of Research Programs
David Thompson, PhD
Senior Vice President, Real-World Evidence & Insights
Gary Thompson
Divisional Vice President, Global Clinical Operations & Global Regulatory Operations
Janet Trunzo
Senior Executive Vice President
Jose Vega
Vice President, Chief Safety Officer
Neil Weissman, MD
David Whellan, MD
James C Wilson Professor of Medicine; Senior Associate Provost for Clinical Research; Executive Director, Jefferson Clinical Research Institute
Kristi Whiteside
Director, Data Sharing & Disclosure
Alcia Williams, MD, MPH, Capt USPHS
Deputy Associate Director for Science, National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention
Rob Wilson
Senior Vice President Business Development and Corporate Strategy
Michelle Woehrle
Deputy Director
Craig Wozniak
Vice President, Trial Coordination & Site Management-Americas