Learn About QbD

This section of the Toolkit provides an introduction to QbD through videos, downloadable presentations, and peer-reviewed articles. Learn about QbD and why it matters in clinical trials. Leverage these tools to teach others in your organization about QbD in order to secure their interest and support. 

CTTI's QbD Recommendations

The CTTI QbD project has produced recommendations on the use and implementation of QbD.





PowerPoint describing QbDPowerPoint describing QbD

This PowerPoint Slide presentation provides an overview of QbD. It can be downloaded and used to teach your team about QbD.




QbD Publication in DIJ

This publication, Clinical Trials: Rethinking How We Ensure Quality, by Landray, et al. in Drug Information Journal 46(6) 657-660, provides an overview of QbD in Clinical Trials.