Implementing QbD

The biggest barrier is time and the perception that this takes extra time... Get people to step back and think about "going slow to go fast" or take time now to benefit in the end.Implementation of QbD within your organization requires lots of change, most notably, changing the mindset of people to think differently. Throughout the CTTI QbD project, we have gathered inputs and feedback from those people and organizations that are implementing QbD. Some of those insights are shared below in the Implementing QbD tools.




Setting Expectations

Setting expectations is essential for success. We provide some insights from others that have implemented QbD.


Our CTTI QbD team recommends the iterative "Plan - Do - Check - Act" approch to measurement. Recommendations on how to employ that approach are provided.

Team Recognition

Recognizing the internal team that is championing QbD in your organization is a key to success. Our helpful hints for team recognition are included.