QbD (Quality By Design) Toolkit

This Quality by Design Toolkit is a compilation of documents, templates, guidelines, and videos that will help you put QbD into practice within in your organization. Whether you are first learning about QbD, (Learn About QbD), want to disseminate these concepts within your organization (Teach Others About QbD), or are ready to implement QbD into your clinical trial (Adopt QbD), this Toolkit has resources for you. Refer back to the Toolkit often and find new resources to support you in translating QbD from principles to practice.  

What is this QbD Toolkit?

Mark Behm from Astra Zeneca describes the QbD Toolkit and how you and your organization can use it to learn about and implement QbD.

Why is QbD important for patients?

Nancy Roach from Fight Colorectal Cancer shares the patient perspective on the importance of QbD.