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Moving the needle together.


The clinical trials enterprise is in crisis.

  • Trial start-up times are lengthening
  • Enrollment is slowing
  • Costs are increasing
  • Investigators are pulling out of clinical research
  • Device research is moving outside the United States


At the same time, there is an increasing need for high-quality evidence:

  • To evaluate new devices, drugs, and biologics
  • To determine best medical practice
  • To compare the effectiveness of diagnostic and therapeutic alternatives


We need Better, Streamlined, Fit-for-Purpose Clinical Trials


OUR VISION: A high-quality clinical trial system that is patient-centered and efficient, enabling reliable and timely access to evidence-based therapeutic prevention and treatment options

CTTI is moving the clinical trial enterprise towards this vision through:

  1. A multi-stakeholder approach that brings together diverse viewpoints to innovate through collaboration
  2. Evidence-based methodology to guide development of actionable solutions
  3. Real-world impact by driving adoption of improved practices


We can’t do it alone. CTTI members, partners, and all stakeholders throughout the clinical trial enterprise are critical to progress towards an improved clinical trial system.


We hope you will:

  • Join us in addressing today’s pressing challenges in clinical trials
  • Support implementation of CTTI recommendations within your organization
  • Share this imporant message with you community


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