Patient Engagement Collaborative (PEC)

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The Patient Engagement Collaborative (PEC) brings together 16 diverse representatives from the patient community to meet with the FDA several times a year and discuss how to achieve more meaningful patient engagement in medical product development and other regulatory discussions. The PEC, launched in December 2017, is a joint effort of CTTI and the FDA.


Current members of the PEC include:


  • Dawn Aldrich
  • Ronald Bartek
  • Christine Brown
  • Jeffrey Goldstein
  • Anne Hall
  • Melissa Hogan
  • Elizabeth Joniak-Grant
  • Nancy Lenfestey
  • Isabelle Lousada
  • Stephanie Monroe
  • Lawrence "Rick" Phillips
  • Philip Posner
  • Lynne Quittell
  • Adrienne Shapiro
  • Theresa Strong
  • Dave White