Stephanie Monroe

Stephanie Monroe is the executive director of African Americans Against Alzheimer’s, the first national network created specifically to respond to the disparate impact of Alzheimer’s on African Americans. By working nationally, locally, and through strategic partnerships, the network is raising awareness of the critical need to engage, connect, and mobilize to advance their national commitment to ending Alzheimer’s by 2025. A primary focus of the network is a community-based initiative at the grassroots level to bring Alzheimer’s out of the shadows, dispel myths about disease symptoms, and encourage greater participation in clinical research designed to more effectively prevent, treat, and cure this disease. Much of this work is centered on a fully staged play called Forget Me Not, which is entering its 6th year touring with the network. For more than 20 years, Ms. Monroe was a senior health and education policy expert on Capitol Hill, ending her distinguished career in 2009 after serving as Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights.  Stephanie provides care for her father (age 81), who is living with Vascular Dementia, and her mother (age 85), both of whom live in their home in Baltimore, Maryland.