Hans-Georg Eichler, MD, MSc

Dr. Hans-Georg Eichler is the senior medical officer at the European Medicines Agency in London, where he is responsible for coordinating activities between the Agency’s scientific committees and advising on scientific and public health issues. Prior to joining the European Medicines Agency, Dr. Eichler was at the Medical University of Vienna for 15 years, serving as vice-rector for research and international relations since 2003, and as professor and chair of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology since 1992. His other previous positions include president of the Vienna School of Clinical Research and co-chair of the Committee on Reimbursement of Drugs of the Austrian Social Security Association. His industry experience includes time spent at Ciba-Geigy Research Labs, UK, and Outcomes Research at Merck in New Jersey. Dr. Eichler graduated with an MD from Vienna University Medical School and a Master of Science in Toxicology from the University of Surrey in Guildford, UK. He trained in internal medicine and clinical pharmacology at the Vienna University Hospital as well as at Stanford University.