Anne Hall

Anne Hall lives with Parkinson’s disease and is also a caregiver for her spouse with Parkinson’s. This dual role gives her a unique perspective concerning the challenges patients and caregivers face in negotiating FDA’s regulatory environment. Ms. Hall has been a Parkinson’s Foundation Research Advocate since 2016, is a member of the Parkinson’s Working Group, and is on the University of Colorado’s Department of Neurology Patient Engagement Parkinson’s Disease Patient and Family Advisory Council. Until 2015, she was Chief Counsel for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the General Counsel, in San Francisco, California. Ms. Hall regularly speaks to patient advocacy groups and Parkinson’s support groups on topics such as patient engagement in clinical trials, genetic testing, palliative care, advance care planning, disability, and work. She is currently developing a teacher training curriculum on yoga for Parkinson’s.