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Webinar Recording Available: Listen to Adapting Clinical Trials during COVID-19: Solutions for Switching to Remote and Virtual Visits

A recording for CTTI’s May 20 webinar, “Adapting Clinical Trials during COVID-19: Solutions for Switching to Remote and Virtual Visits” is now available.


Earlier this month, CTTI surveyed stakeholders to identify challenges and solutions related to switching to remote or virtual visits for clinical trials, mid-stream, amid COVID-19. It also co-hosted a survey with Evidation Health, Inc. to get insights and perspectives from patients. A recent webinar highlighted findings from both studies and shared solutions for conducting clinical research via remote and virtual visits.


Pam Tenaerts, CTTI, and Jacqueline Corrigan-Curay, FDA, CDER, opened the webinar by welcoming attendees and providing insights on the current state of conducting clinical research during COVID-19. Lindsay Kehoe, CTTI, then gave an overview on findings from CTTI’s survey, including challenges and words of wisdom from across the clinical trials community on transitioning to virtual or remote visits.


Laura Cooke, Amgen; Bray Patrick-Lake, Evidation Health, Inc.; and Ramya Thota, Intermountain Healthcare, ASCO; also shared unique perspectives from sites, patients, and sponsors, respectively. Overall, there was a strong consensus that COVID-19 has changed clinical trials in many ways, for everyone involved, and that we should apply these new virtual and remote approaches to future trials, when appropriate, post-pandemic.


View a full slide deck from the webinar to read more from each presenter.


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