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Webinar Now Available: CTTI Resources for Assessing the Value of Patient Engagement

A recording is now available of a CTTI webinar held on Thurs., Feb. 27, which provided an overview of resources that can help you embed patient engagement in your research. The webinar, which was led by Joseph DiMasi (Tufts University) and Jaye Bea Smalley (formerly of Celgene), featured an overview on CTTI’s patient engagement work, including two tools for identifying patient engagement activities that bring high value to both sponsors and patient groups.

DiMasi discussed an economic modelling approach, along with recent findings, that can help sponsors and academic researchers measure the financial return on investment associated with patient engagement activities. The model developed by CTTI estimates the value of patient engagement on key business drivers such as cost, risk, revenue, and time. In a hypothetical scenario of oncology drug development, this model showed that benefits clearly outweighed the costs of engaging patients in clinical trials.

Smalley walked webinar attendees through another CTTI tool that helps sponsors and patient groups identify high-value opportunities to work together. The tool supports both groups in identifying potential engagement opportunities across the R&D continuum, qualitatively evaluating costs and benefits, and agreeing on activities to pursue through collaborative discussion.  

Explore additional CTTI work and resources associated with patient engagement on its Patient Groups & Clinical Trials project page.

Are you already using CTTI’s PGCT resources? We would love to hear your experience and feedback!