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Webinar Now Available: CTTI’s New Recommendations for Engaging Patients and Sites in Mobile Trials

A recording is now available of the public webinar on Thurs., Feb. 21, to launch CTTI’s new recommendations for incorporating patient and site perspectives in mobile clinical trials. The webinar was led by patient advocate Cindy Geoghegan and Virginia Nido of Genentech, a member of the Roche Group.

CTTI conducted qualitative and quantitative research to better understand the perceptions of patients and site personnel, and convened experts and leaders across the clinical trials enterprise to develop actionable recommendations and resources.

“Patients are attracted to the possibilities of greater convenience and greater access to clinical research—fewer visits, less time away from work and family, and less burden on their caregivers,” Geoghegan said. “Our goal was to enhance the experience for both patients and hard-working site staff.”

The resulting recommendations are designed to help research sponsors engage patient and site perspectives in planning mobile trials, maximize value and minimize burden for study participants, and address challenges for investigative sites.

“One of the key messages is the importance of planning,” Nido said. “We are new to this as an industry, and we need to plan for and address these new challenges in order to maximize the benefits of mobile technology in clinical trials.”

This is the final of four sets of recommendations CTTI has released as part of its Mobile Clinical Trials (MCT) Program. In 2017, CTTI announced recommendations for developing novel endpoints generated by mobile technologies and, in 2018, it unveiled new solutions for using mobile technologies for data capture in clinical trials, and recommendations for using decentralized clinical trials. Additionally, they build on previous CTTI work—including our Quality by Design and Patient Groups and Clinical Trials recommendations—that emphasizes the involvement of many stakeholders, including patients and sites, in trial design.