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Update on CTTI’s Mobile Devices Project: Webinar Recording Now Available

CTTI Team Leaders Provide Update on Project Exploring how Mobile Technology Can Be Effectively Leveraged to Improve Clinical Trials

Mobile technologies, including both medical sensors and consumer products, offer exciting new possibilities for clinical research but present substantial challenges as well. Find out how CTTI’s Mobile Devices team is exploring how these technologies can be used to improve patient engagement, remote monitoring, and the collection of new kinds of high-quality, objective data capable of supporting rigorous analysis and regulatory submission.

In a webinar now available as a recording on the CTTI website, project team leaders Cheryl Grandinetti (FDA), Chris Miller (AstraZeneca), and Barry Peterson (Philips) provide an update on CTTI’s Mobile Devices Project, which focuses on scientific and technological challenges affecting the selection and use of mobile technologies in clinical research. The presenters share preliminary evidence gathered from research sponsors and clinical investigators experienced in using mobile devices in clinical trials. Issues addressed in the webinar include:

  • Challenges affecting data management, validation, analysis, and security in mobile technologies;
  • Scientific and technical considerations in mobile device selection; and
  • Approaches to managing and reporting safety signals and adverse events.

After additional evidence and insights from this project are gathered, the team will release recommendations designed to help overcome challenges that are currently hindering the wider use of mobile technologies in clinical trials.

The Mobile Devices Project is one of four distinct efforts taking place through CTTI’s larger Mobile Clinical Trials Program. The MCT Program is developing evidence-based recommendations to guide the widespread adoption and application of mobile technologies in clinical trials. The three other projects within the program are focused on:

  1. Legal and regulatory issues
  2. Development and use of novel endpoints for use with mobile technologies
  3. Stakeholder perceptions regarding the use of such technologies


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