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Special Launch Event Recap: Using Mobile Technologies for Data Collection in Clinical Research

Experts Unveil New CTTI Recommendations and Resources at FDA’s White Oak Campus

During a daylong launch event at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) White Oak Campus, more than 100 people—along with hundreds of virtual attendees—learned about CTTI’s newly release recommendations and resources for the use of mobile technologies in clinical trials.

The evidence-based recommendations and resources outline best practices for the use of mobile devices and applications to capture objective data—an approach that has the potential to increase the quality and efficiency of clinical trials.


More than 30 technology and clinical trials experts participated in sessions offering practical guidance, from selecting a mobile technology through to preparing for FDA submission and inspection. The event concluded with a lively panel on “The Future of Mobile Technologies in Clinical Trials,” where five leaders shared valuable reflections and predictions:


“A lot of what was discussed today is very much in line with the EMA’s position—the ‘rules’ are the same with data from mobile clinical trials and traditional trials, patient input is critical, and regulators should be engaged from the start of, and throughout a trial.” - Francesca Cerreta, European Medicines Agency


“One of the things I’m most excited about is that mobile technologies bring studies to participants, versus participants having to come to studies. And there’s opportunity to gather more pre- and post-intervention information than ever before.” - Ray Dorsey, University of Rochester


“There is a lot of interest in using mobile technologies in clinical trials and their potential to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical trials. This meeting is another step forward in exploring ways to incorporate mobile technologies into regulated clinical trials. I’m very encouraged by the sense of optimism from the many different sectors represented here today.” - Leonard Sacks, FDA


Pat Furlong, Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, and John Hubbard, Genstar Capital, also joined Cerreta, Dorsey, and Sacks on the panel. They noted that CTTI’s new recommendations open the door to new opportunies for clinical tirals including improved patient engagement, better quality of data, and lower costs.     


Event materials are now available on the Mobile Technologies project page on CTTI's website.