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Recording Now Available: The Fastest Path to Effective COVID-19 Treatments: Using Master Protocol Studies Public Summit

A recording for CTTI’s public summit, The Fastest Path to Effective COVID-19 Treatments: Using Master Protocol Studies, held Jan. 13, is now available. The summit, conducted as a webinar, opened with a welcome from Janet Woodcock, Operation Warp Speed; a call-to-action from Robert M. Califf, Verily and Google Health; and included three panel discussions focused on solutions related to scaling master protocols.


The first panel, Practical Solutions to Setting Up Master Protocol Sites, moderated by Pamela Tenaerts, CTTI, with panelists Derek Angus, REMAP-COVID; Laura Esserman, I-SPY-COVID; and Manizhe Payton, ACTIV-2, examined key challenges and potential solutions to starting up new sites including contracting, competing trials, staffing, and IRB submission.


The second panel, Increasing Participant Enrollment in Master Protocols, moderated by Esther Krofah, Faster Cures, with panelists Kousick Biswas, Veterans Health Administration; Dan Cooper, UC Irvine; and Martin Landray, RECOVERY Trial, examined the key challenges limiting participant enrollment including competition with other trials, burden on staff, and discussed potential solutions to overcome hurdles such as co-enrollment.


The final panel, Lessons for the Future, moderated by Mark McClellan, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, with panelists Sam Brown, Intermountain Health System; Adrian Hernandez, PCORnet; and Saye Khoo, AGILE, discussed policy changes needed to improve future pandemic preparedness.


The public summit also addressed the status of COVID-19 clinical trials, including results from a recent CTTI analysis of data from, and findings from a pre-summit survey of those involved in COVID-19 treatment master protocols, specifically those involved in setting up new sites or recruiting participants at existing sites.


View the full slide deck for the public summit to learn more from each presenter.


For additional information on CTTI’s master protocols work, please refer to this web page.


This public summit is part of a collaborative effort with the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy at Duke University and FasterCures, a Center of the Milken Institute.