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Patient Representative selected for CTTI Steering Committee

Drs. Elliott Levy and Beverly Lorell, co-chairs of the CTTI Steering Committee, are pleased to announce that Bray Patrick-Lake has been selected to serve as a patient representative on the CTTI Steering Committee.

Patient representatives serve an important role in providing valuable perspectives and input to Steering Committee discussions and decisions. They also serve as liaisons with the patient advocacy community. Ms. Patrick-Lake serves as President and CEO of the PFO Research Foundation, which she founded in 2010 for the purpose of advancing PFO science and improving patient care in a field mired by slow and low enrolling clinical trials and frequent off-label use of medical devices. She also serves as a patient representative on a variety of FDA advisory committees and panels, is the patient representative for the Mini-Sentinel project, and is a member of the American College of Cardiology Foundation Patient-centered Care (PC3) Shared Decision Making Workgroup.

We appreciate the interest received from many impressive applicants for the patient representative position. We look forward to working with Ms. Patrick-Lake as she joins Jane Perlmutter in representing patients on the CTTI Steering Committee.