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Now Available: Searchable, Real-Time COVID-19 Clinical Studies Spreadsheet

The urgent need to rapidly identify safe and effective medical therapies has led to a spike in clinical studies on COVID-19. To help the global scientific community address this need, CTTI has created a searchable spreadsheet of COVID-19-related studies posted on  The AACT COVID-19 Trials Spreadsheet is updated daily and was created from a search strategy developed by and data from the Aggregate Analysis of (AACT) database.   


With COVID-19-related studies in one, up-to-date spreadsheet, users can easily search for and sort current information. Each study is listed as a single row in the spreadsheet and the 68 columns include information on goals, interventions, randomization schemes, masking, eligibility criteria, consent, the use of Data Monitoring Committees, etc. As of this posting, there are 1,476 COVID-related studies on listed in


CTTI recently used the spreadsheet to characterize COVID-19-related clinical trials in the April 2020 Designing High-Quality COVID-19 Treatment Trials webinar. Details on the search terms used to generate the list of trials posted on are also available.