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New Publication Features CTTI Recommendations for Improving Investigator Qualification

A peer-reviewed article highlighting CTTI recommendations for improving investigator qualification was published this month in Contemporary Clinical Trials. This article details how to implement a more efficient and effective way to identify and prepare investigators and their delegates for the conduct of quality clinical trials, and how to determine whether a site team is a good fit for a particular protocol.

The paper urges organizations to move beyond Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training as a one-size-fits-all solution and recommends pairing existing GCP training with a fit-for-purpose, risk-based training approach to address needed knowledge or skills.

CTTI used findings from qualitative research activities, as well as input from an expert meeting with multiple stakeholders, to identify gaps and redundancies in the current training of investigators and their delegates and recommend practical, action-based solutions. 


Read the article online.