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New Paper Offers Suggested Solutions for Improving Good Clinical Practice Training

CTTI has released a new preprint paper detailing its findings from a project designed to assess challenges and burdens associated with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training.

The paper, “More than a Box to Check: Research Sponsor and Clinical Investigator Perspectives on Making GCP Training Relevant,” outlines feedback on GCP training gleaned from interviews CTTI conducted with clinical investigators and research sponsors. While interview respondents recognized that GCP training addresses critical tasks necessary for the quality conduct of clinical trials, many found it burdensome and repetitive—one interviewee said the training was seen as “just another box to check off.”

CTTI’s paper also highlights respondents’ suggestions for navigating these challenges, noting a need for significant improvement in the design, content, presentation, and training of GCP guidelines. These findings, together with other evidence, informed CTTI's Investigator Qualification recommendations for alleviating the burden of training and making it more engaging and applicable to real-world clinical research scenarios.