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New CTTI Project Aims to Increase Inclusion of Minority Populations in Clinical Trials

The lack of diversity in U.S. clinical trials limits understanding of the risks and benefits of medical products. To address this issue, CTTI is conducting a new project to demonstrate the value of engaging racial minorities, ethnic minorities, and women in clinical trials.


The objectives of this new project include:


  • Identify organizational-level practices, and related metrics, that increase the inclusion of diverse patient populations in the development lifecycle of medical products.
  • Identify incentives & disincentives for decision-makers to invest sufficient resources in organizational-level practices that increase diversity in clinical trials.
  • Identify factors that yield a clinical, scientific, and financial return on investment from engaging diverse populations in clinical trials

CTTI will conduct in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, create real-world case studies, and develop process and outcome evaluation metrics designed to build fit-for-purpose, scalable strategies to increase diversity in clinical trials.


By collecting data that demonstrates the importance of including underrepresented patient populations, CTTI aims to help increase the participation of diverse populations throughout the development lifecycle of medical products.