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New CTTI Project Aims to Improve Clinical Evidence with Practical Approaches for Embedding Trials Into Health Care Settings

Integrating trials that are intended for medical product review into clinical health care offers the promise of data that reflect real-world populations and settings, and improve efficiency by avoiding duplication of activities that already occur in clinical care. However, there are currently no guidelines or strategies to help clinical trial stakeholders operationalize this fit-for-purpose integration.


To remedy this issue, CTTI is starting work on a new project that will result in data, resources, and recommendations aimed at bridging the gap between trials and clinical care settings to improve evidence generation. This project aims to:


  • Identify when elements of interventional clinical trial integration into clinical settings would be feasible and the associated benefits and risks
  • Identify barriers and potential solutions to incorporating interventional trials into clinical care
  • Describe operational approaches to incorporating interventional trials into clinical care

CTTI will develop the new recommendations by conducting in-depth interviews that identify barriers and solutions with a wide variety of clinical trial and healthcare experts, compiling case studies on innovative operational approaches, and organizing a multi-stakeholder meeting to discuss strategies.


By taking a multifaceted approach, CTTI aims to create resources that will help clinical trial stakeholders overcome the barriers to integrating interventional research into real-world settings to create more relevant results.