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CTTI Webinar Will Highlight sIRB Adoption Resources & Evaluation Considerations

As more single institutional review board (sIRB) requirements from the Common Rule go into effect this month, CTTI can help organizations navigate the change. A webinar on Thurs., Jan. 16 at noon ET will provide an overview of existing CTTI sIRB work, as well as suggestions for sIRB evaluation.

CTTI has been at the forefront of the sIRB movement for nearly a decade, championing the thoughtful implementation of sIRBs for multicenter clinical trials to enhance patient safety, accelerate study start-up, and improve trial conduct.


The webinar will highlight CTTI’s suite of recommendations and resources, as well as discuss outcomes from a recent collaboration between CTTI and a NIH sIRB policy workgroup. Speakers will include:


  • Cynthia Hahn, President, Integrated Research Strategy
  • Heather Pierce, Senior Director for Science Policy and Regulatory Counsel, Association of American Medical Colleges 
  • Stephen Rosenfeld, Chair, Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections 

Add the webinar to your calendar today.