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CTTI Unveils New Database of Feasibility Studies on Mobile Technologies in Clinical Research

Mobile technologies present exciting opportunities for researchers to monitor participants outside of the clinical setting. However, with new solutions entering the market daily, it can be challenging to decide which technology option will be most effective for a particular trial.

To help stakeholders address this issue, CTTI has established a searchable online database of pilot studies that assess the feasibility of various mobile technology solutions. The Interactive Database of Feasibility Studies for Mobile Clinical Trials, part of CTTI’s Mobile Clinical Trials Program, is the first publicly available resource that contains a catalogue of published feasibility studies related to the use of mobile technologies in clinical research.

A CTTI manuscript recently published in npj Digital Medicine, describes how this tool will enable sponsors and researchers to capitalize on information gained from 275 previous pilot studies to reduce risk and optimize the effective use of wearables and other devices in clinical trials. The database will allow users to search by therapeutic area, technology type, participant characteristics, and other variables to explore a range of issues surrounding mobile technology, such as sensor performance and algorithm development.

“We are excited about the opportunities presented by this new resource,” said CTTI Executive Director Pamela Tenaerts. “CTTI is continually striving to provide relevant recommendations surrounding the rapidly changing field of mobile technology. The database aligns nicely with CTTI’s comprehensive set of resources that will help stakeholders adopt mobile technologies to make clinical trials more effective.”

Resources from CTTI extend beyond the database—it also has created a set of recommendations and a tool that can be used to select mobile technologies for data capture in clinical trials.

CTTI plans to regularly maintain and update the database to give online users easy access to the most current knowledge on the use of mobile technologies in clinical trials. Viewers can also help grow the resource by submitting a paper to the database