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CTTI Paper Reveals Investigator Perspectives on Advantages and Challenges of Digital Health Trials

Now more than ever, mobile technology is affecting every aspect of our lives, including the way we conduct clinical research. In a new preprint manuscript, CTTI examines the investigator experience in digital health trials.*


In-depth interviews conducted with 12 investigators representing an array of clinical specialties revealed the benefits and challenges of incorporating mobile technology into clinical trials through the use of smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, and wearable devices.


Some common benefits of digital health trials cited by the investigators include:

  • Streamlined study operations and data collection
  • Simplified and continuous study data capture throughout the trial
  • Improved study and data quality and an increase of “real-world” results

The manuscript also details specific challenges investigators faced when using digital health technologies in trials. These include an increase in the amount of time needed by investigators and study personnel to review data and maintain the technology, additional training, technology adoption barriers for participants and staff, and uncertainty with data validity. These potential obstacles must be proactively addressed in order to harness the full benefits of digital health trials.


Learn more about CTTI’s Digital Health Trials work. 


*CTTI’s Digital Health Trials work was previously called “Mobile Clinical Trials”.