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CTTI Paper Features Tool to Help Sponsors and Patient Groups Identify Mutually Beneficial Opportunities for Collaboration

Effective engagement between patient groups and research sponsors can enhance the quality and efficiency of clinical trials, improve patient recruitment and retention, reduce costs, and speed the pathway toward new medical treatments. One opportunity for sponsors is to identify and prioritize new effective engagement activities. A new manuscript in Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science details CTTI’s evidence-based prioritization tool to help sponsors and patient groups pinpoint mutually beneficial engagement activities.


The web-based tool provides 24 unique engagement activities that span the medical product development lifecycle. Using a three-step decision-making process, the tool helps sponsors and patient groups define the expectations, goals, and important roles that will have the biggest impact on the design, conduct, and dissemination of clinical research. The findings help teams apply CTTI's recommendations for effective patient group engagement by supplying the results in an easy-to-use visual priority matrix grid.


Read the full manuscript.