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CTTI Paper Discusses Development of Patient Group Engagement Tool to Benefit Clinical Trials

Patient groups can offer sponsors a wealth of support that can boost clinical trial efficiency but there are few frameworks to help identify priorities. In a new preprint manuscript, CTTI discusses the development and application of an evidence-based prioritization tool to help sponsors and patient groups identify mutually beneficial engagement activities.


Using a list of 31 engagement activities previously developed through its Patient Groups and Clinical Trials (PGCT) work, CTTI conducted qualitative, semi-structured interviews with representatives from patient groups and sponsor organizations to refine the list to 24 unique engagement activities across the medical product development lifecycle.


The findings were used to develop the web-based tool, which helps sponsors and patient groups identify mutually relevant, high-priority engagement activities.


The manuscript explains how the tool walks users through a three-step decision-making process that results in a visual priority matrix grid. It helps sponsors and patient groups form meaningful partnerships and solidify expectations, goals, and specific roles that will benefit the design, conduct, and dissemination of research, in alignment with CTTI’s recommendations [link] for effective patient group engagement.


Read the full manuscript.