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CTTI Launches New Tool to Help Identify High-Value Patient Engagement Opportunities

As part of its commitment to promote the engagement of patients as equal partners in clinical research, CTTI launched a new tool today at the 2019 DIA Global Annual Meeting that will help sponsors and patient groups identify high-value opportunities to collaborate.

The free web-based tool walks users through a three-step prioritization process:

  1. Identify relevant engagement activities. Patient groups and sponsors first identify all potential opportunities to collaborate, working from a comprehensive list developed by CTTI and adding their own fit-for-purpose activities.
  2. Evaluate benefits and investments. After reviewing factors identified by CTTI research, sponsors and patient groups rate the benefit and investment of each activity.
  3. Identify mutually beneficial activities. Research sponsors and patient groups compare and discuss their respective priorities and decide on opportunities that are of high value for each. A benefit/investment matrix helps visualize priorities and support discussion.

The tool is part of CTTI’s Patient Groups & Clinical Trials work, which encourages sponsors, investigators, and other stakeholders to engage with patient groups early and often for better and more efficient clinical trials.

“This new prioritization tool builds on the foundational work CTTI has already completed and ensures that collaboration is focused on areas where the greatest benefit can be achieved for everyone involved, given limited resources,” said CTTI Executive Director Pamela Tenaerts. “With an easy, three-step process, the tool helps create and identify high-value opportunities for patients and sponsors to engage in the clinical research enterprise.”

Linda Brennan, director of community partnerships at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Jaye Bea Smalley, director of patient advocacy and life cycle management for inflammation and immunology at Celgene Corporation, will publicly introduce the tool in the “Identifying High-Value Patient Engagement Opportunities: A Collaborative Three-Step Process for Sponsors and Patient Groups” DIA 2019 session at 8 a.m. PT.