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CTTI Launches New Case Study Resource to Help Drive Better, More Efficient Clinical Trials

Building better clinical trials would be easier if organizations shared the practices that helped them successfully overcome obstacles. CTTI’s new resource, Building Better Clinical Trials: A Case Study Exchange, provides users with easy access to participating organizations to request more information and/or share information with others (via email, LinkedIn, or share icons) for open, honest information exchanges that can improve collaboration and increase the efficiency of clinical trials.

The site features case studies from more than 30 organizations that have applied CTTI’s recommendations and tools to improve clinical trials. These experiences provide helpful information on organizational challenges, opportunities, actions taken, the impact, lessons learned, and advice for others.

One case study that features Horizon Therapeutics’ experience using CTTI’s Patient Group Engagement (PGE) recommendations demonstrates how having access to the right resource can improve many aspects of clinical trial conduction. Jeffrey W. Sherman, Horizon’s Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer states, “Having the right tools at the right time can make or break a clinical trial. The Building Better Clinical Trials Case Study Exchange will not only make it easier for stakeholders to locate recommendations, resources, and solutions, but it will help them understand how these tools were successfully implemented by other organizations so they can sidestep potential roadblocks and streamline their clinical trials.”

By making these collective best practices and innovative solutions widely available, CTTI’s case study resource provides a forum that facilitates the exchange of ideas to create a clinical trial ecosystem that is more agile and adaptable. As Sonja Cloosterman, Principal Consultant Personalized Healthcare and Medical Affairs at Orikami put it, “The Case Study Exchange not only helps people find practical, actionable resources, but it serves as a way to generate an open flow of information that fosters greater collaboration and has the power to generate a global exchange of ideas within the larger clinical trials landscape.”


The hope is that sharing these lessons and experiences will lead to the creation of more efficient, streamlined trials. 


Want to be featured on Building Better Clinical Trials: A Case Study Exchange?

Currently, the site features over 30 case studies, but more are being added regularly. If you are part of an organization that has used one of CTTI’s recommendations or tools and would like to be featured on the site, we may be able to include your story.

By sharing your experience, you can showcase your organization’s success while providing helpful information that will benefit other organizations and facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing across the research community.

Please reach out to Karisa Merrill today to learn more.