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CTTI Impacts Clinical Trials Policy and Practice

This year, CTTI marks its 10th year of working with a variety of stakeholders to positively change clinical trials, making them more streamlined, efficient, and patient-focused. To commemorate this milestone, we will #CelebrateCTTI throughout the month of January. Join us for the celebration—visit this blog, follow us on Twitter, and register to attend our 10 Year Anniversary Symposium on Tues., Feb. 6.


At CTTI, we don’t just generate ideas—we create change. To help implement improvements, we develop resources and hold workshops to facilitate the adoption of CTTI recommendations. Numerous organizations, institutions, and other entities have taken advantage of these resources and are realizing the benefits of more efficient and higher quality clinical trials. We are also prompting widespread improvements in clinical trials through influence at the policy level. Examples include:

As CTTI’s work continues to grow, so do the many examples of our impact—together, we are shaping the future of tomorrow’s better, safer clinical trials.