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CTTI Feasibility Studies Database Adds New Resources

CTTI has added 172 new studies to its Feasibility Studies database, bringing the total number of resources up to more than 440 studies. This free, one-of-a-kind repository of feasibility studies using digital health technologies to capture data in clinical research can help the entire clinical trials community to better match appropriate technologies to their research goals.


For example, sponsors can use the resource to help support trial design, while investigators in the field can use it to make decisions regarding which technology would be most useful for their research. This centralized repository could also help alleviate future development of redundant studies and contribute to the design and implementation of high quality, efficient trials.


The database includes a systematic search of scientific literature indexed in PubMed and published between January 2014 and June 2019.


Do you know about a study we should add to the database? CTTI invites others in the digital health trials community to submit relevant studies on an ongoing basis.