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CTTI Celebrates a Decade of Transforming Clinical Trials

This year, CTTI marks its 10th year of working with a variety of stakeholders to positively change clinical trials, making them more streamlined, efficient, and patient-focused. To commemorate this milestone, we will #CelebrateCTTI throughout the month of January. Join us for the celebration—visit this blog, follow us on Twitter, and register to attend our 10 Year Anniversary Symposium on Tues., Feb. 6.

Since 2007, CTTI has completed more than 25 projects related to critical issues affecting clinical trials, including quality by design, recruitment, data monitoring, electronic healthcare data, informed consent, safety reporting,using use of a single IRB of record, and many more. This work has influenced or been cited by FDA, EMA, NIH, and other policymakers, and our resources are used every day by sponsors, investigators, research professionals, patient groups, and others to improve clinical trials.


From the beginning, the involvement of all stakeholders has been integral to CTTI’s work. Individuals from more than 430 organizations have been involved in CTTI project teams or meetings to date. This collaboration has allowed us to see diverse perspectives and create resources that can be used by the many different individuals and groups involved in designing, conducting, and evaluating clinical trials. We remain committed to collaborating with all stakeholders to create consensus-driven, actionable recommendations that are grounded in evidence.


We look forward to the next 10 years of working with our stakeholders to enhance the design and conduct of clinical trials, thereby benefitting the entire clinical trials enterprise.