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CTTI Article Uncovers Why Principal Investigators Conduct Multiple FDA-regulated Drug Trials

Building on a previous study on the reasons why principal investigators conduct only one FDA-regulated drug trial (“one-and-done” investigators), a new CTTI article published in Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications explores the converse: barriers and critical factors that contribute to “active” investigators’ success while conducting multiple trials.


Through in-depth interviews with 23 experienced investigators, CTTI found that “active” investigators cited infrastructure, staff support, advance planning, and personal qualities as critical factors in successfully conducting multiple trials. They also shared many of the same barriers and frustrations that “one-and-done” investigators faced—including trial finances and patient recruitment—however, “active” investigators had developed strategies to overcome these barriers. Of particular importance, the amount and type of support to which investigators have access may represent a crucial difference between “active” and “one-and-done.”


The study resulted from CTTI’s investigator community work, which explored factors that influence investigators’ decisions to leave or remain in clinical research practice. Through this research and multi-stakeholder engagement, CTTI created a set of recommendations that systematically address barriers and implement reliable solutions to help reduce attrition of first-time and veteran investigators who leave the research environment.