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CTTI Article Finds that Patients and IRBs are Amenable to Early Enrollment Strategy

A CTTI article recently published in JAMA Network Open shows that an early enrollment strategy for research on health care-associated pneumonia is acceptable to patients, investigators, and institutional review boards (IRBs). This strategy has the potential to speed enrollment in trials for critical new antibiotic therapies by allowing patients to be approached and consented before being diagnosed with pneumonia.


Through its ABDD HABP/VABP Studies work, CTTI conducted qualitative interviews with 52 stakeholders—including patients at risk for pneumonia, caregivers, study investigators and coordinators, and IRB representatives—as part of formative research to assess the acceptability of the approach.


The study found that patients and caregivers had no concerns about patients being approached early and having their records monitored before they developed pneumonia. They believed that patients would be able to understand consent information before diagnosis, and shared their preferences for opt-out procedures.


IRB representatives were also supportive of an early enrollment strategy, and investigators and study coordinators indicated that the approach would not be burdensome.