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CTTI Announces New Vision for Clinical Trials Ecosystem and Beyond: Transforming Trials 2030

The time to create true and lasting change in clinical trials is now. Together, we can harness our experiences and momentum from COVID-19 to shape a future of smarter, faster research.

CTTI’s vision, Transforming Trials 2030, is that clinical trials in 2030 will be:

  1. Patient-centered and easily accessible
  2. Fully integrated into health processes
  3. Clinical trials are designed with a quality approach
  4. Maximally leveraging all available data
  5. Improving population health

Transforming Trials 2030

“Cross-system collaboration is critical to unlocking the change that has been talked about in the research community for so long,” said Pamela Tenaerts, executive director at CTTI. “This isn’t just CTTI’s vision. This is a vision to be shared by people across the entire clinical trials ecosystem and beyond, so that we can work together toward bold, system-wide transformations.”

Individuals can prioritize and partake in making Transforming Trials 2030 a reality by:

“We cannot lose the progress we’ve made during the pandemic,” added Tenaerts. “Let’s take these lessons learned, work together like never before, and build a new generation of clinical trials that more aptly benefit research, healthcare, and – most importantly – patients.” 

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