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CTTI Announces New Playbook for Designing High-Quality, Diverse COVID-19 Trials

As the pandemic continues to endure worldwide, CTTI is leading the way in uncovering best practices for conducting COVID-19 trials. Following up on its first playbook focusing on conducting successful trials during the pandemic, CTTI is now releasing a second playbook with eight essential principles for high-quality, diverse COVID-19 trials.


These elements, fully outlined in the new COVID-19 playbook, recommend that stakeholders:


  1. Learn from the past and what’s being done now
  2. Make the time to design right, but move quickly
  3. Adequately power trials
  4. Randomize trials
  5. Maintain ethics
  6. Collaborate on study design
  7. Engage and enroll racial and ethnic minorities
  8. Use a core set of inclusion and exclusion criteria and endpoints
  9. Collaborate and coordinate

Beginning in April 2020, CTTI conducted an analysis of COVID-19 treatment trials in, met with key stakeholders to discuss best practices for designing these types of trials, and launched a public survey on how to engage racial and ethnic minority patient populations in COVID-19 trials. CTTI communicated the resulting best practices during two CTTI-hosted webinars on designing high-quality COVID-19 treatment trials and engaging racial and ethnic minorities in COVID-19 trials.


These resources can help researchers adapt to the changing landscape and generate meaningful evidence despite the unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic. Learn more about what CTTI is doing to address clinical trials issues related to COVID-19.