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CTTI Advances Mobile Clinical Trials at DPharm 2017

Mobile technology has been used in a variety of ways, but it has yet to be widely incorporated into clinical trials—despite its great potential to increase trial quality and efficiency. As part of its Mobile Clinical Trials (MCT) Program, CTTI has implemented four projects to identify and address the challenges related to planning for and conducting clinical trials that use mobile technology. This week, CTTI will present strategies and insights from the program at DPharm 2017 Conference, held in Boston on September 6-8.

At the 2-day conference themed “Disruptive Innovations US,” CTTI will bring together key industry leaders who are collaborating on recommendations for the use of mobile technologies in regulated clinical trials after the point of informed consent. This will include—as it relates to mobile technology—the patient perspective, tips for dealing with large volumes of data, and engaging with the FDA during trial design, execution, and monitoring.

Presentation: Turning Opportunity Into Reality: Real Data and Practical Guidance for Incorporating Mobile Technology in Clinical Trials
Date & Time: Friday, Sept. 8, 2:30–3:10 p.m.
Moderator: Komathi Stem (monARC Biotech)
Panelists: Ray Dorsey (University of Rochester), Cindy Geoghegan (Patient and Partners), and Gary Grabow (Genentech)

Also, at DPharm’s pre-conference program, “Mobile in Clinical Trials,” CTTI will share recommendations that clarify the pathway for developing novel endpoints from data generated using mobile technology in clinical trials.

Presentation: CTTI Findings Are in From Their Mobile Clinical Trials Program: Recommendations on Novel Endpoints
Date & Time: Wednesday, Sept. 6, 9:20–9:40 a.m.
Presenter: Jennifer Goldsack (CTTI)

In addition to Novel Endpoints, CTTI is also working on recommendations to address challenges and opportunities related to Mobile Devices, Legal and Regulatory, and Stakeholder Perceptions, as part of the MCT Program.