Benefits & Responsibilities

Benefits of Membership

  • Participate in the review of project ideas
  • Contribute to discussions and decision-making about which projects CTTI will undertake and which strategies to use in synthesizing, communicating and implementing recommendations resulting from completed projects
  • Have preferred status in terms of representation on project teams
  • Receive regular reports about the progress of projects and collaborations
  • Name representative to the Steering Committee
  • Receive public acknowledgement of participation in and contributions to CTTI
  • Collaborate and exchange ideas with stakeholders from multiple sectors about how to improve the clinical research enterprise


Responsibilities of Members

  • Actively participate in activities and discussions
  • Seek opportunities to advance the mission
  • Engage in constructive conversations with a variety of stakeholders with divergent views on issues
  • Promote adoption of recommendations within the clinical research enterprise
  • Keep abreast of and communicate with parallel initiatives
  • Contribute an annual membership fee to support activities and projects


Expectations for Individual Patient/Caregiver Representatives

  • Support CTTI's mission within patient advocacy communities
  • Attend and actively participate in Steering Committee meetings, webinars and conference calls
    • 2 biannual meetings in DC area (Sept/Oct and Mar/Apr, travel stipend provided)
    • Quarterly 1-hour webinars (typically over the lunch hour Eastern time)
    • Additional opportunities to provide patient voice for CTTI project expert meetings (travel stipend provided)
  • Serve as a member and/or co-lead of project teams and subcommittees
    • Attend project team calls (1-hour monthly), face-to-face and expert meetings (1-2 per yr, travel stipend provided)
  • Seek opportunities to promote CTTI’s work and engage others in implementing CTTI’s recommendations