Annual Membership Fees

Member organizations pay an annual fee which supports CTTI infrastructure expenses and projects.

Industry | Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device, diagnostics, data, IT companies, and CROs:
Annual Worldwide Sales >$20 billion - $70,000
Annual Worldwide Sales $1-20 billion - $50,000
Annual Worldwide Sales $500M-999M - $30,000
Annual Worldwide Sales $50M-499M - $20,000
Annual Worldwide Sales <$50M - $10,000

Trade organizations: $20,000

Systems of health care delivery, payers: $20,000

Professional services organizations: $20,000

Patient/disease advocacy groups: $500

Individual patient/caregiver representatives: Apply

Academic institutions, clinical investigators: $5,000

Professional societies, institutional review boards, accrediting organizations, standards setting organizations: $5,000


  • The annual fee is on a calendar year basis, and ends on December 31.
  • Representatives from government agencies and appointed patient/caregiver representatives are not required to pay fees.
  • Fees are based on the relationship between the core business of organization and CTTI mission and CTTI's desire to have similar fees for relatively similar organizations.