CTTI Seeks Steering Committee Patient/Caregiver Representatives

CTTI Seeks Steering Committee Patient/Caregiver Representatives 


One of many ways that CTTI engages with and integrates patients into our work is by having patient/caregiver representatives on our Steering Committee. Now, through 11:59 p.m. ET, Sun., Nov. 22, we are accepting applications for this position. We are looking for patients or caregivers who are self-starters, have personal experience and familiarity with clinical trials, and can work with stakeholders across the research community.


CTTI Steering Committee patient/caregiver representatives contribute ideas for projects, participate in their conduct and analysis, and are committed to disseminating CTTI recommendations and encouraging adoption of system changes that will improve the efficiency of clinical trials. Our membership of approximately 80 organizations comprises various parties including academic research organizations, patient groups, industry, government, institutional review boards (IRBs) and investigators among others. Together, we develop and drive adoption of practices that will increase the quality and efficiency of clinical trials.


If, after reviewing CTTI’s website, project portfolio, and expectations (below) you are interested in working with CTTI to find new ways to improve and streamline clinical trials, we invite you to apply to be a patient or caregiver representative.


Now more than ever, we need your unique viewpoint as a patient or caregiver to help ensure that the system-wide transformation we are making to the clinical trials landscape will benefit public health. We hope you will consider applying to be a part of this exciting partnership.


Before applying, individuals should review the following information to understand the expectations of the position:


Selection Criteria for Patient/Caregiver Representatives


Patient or caregiver with:

  • Willingness to commit time and effort to CTTI’s mission and projects
  • Ability to work proactively and be a self-starter
  • Understanding of clinical trials system and regulations
  • Previous experience with efforts to improve clinical trials
  • Experience working in a constructive manner with diverse stakeholders
  • Well-positioned within the advocacy community to gather input for CTTI initiatives and communicate CTTI's work to the patient/caregiver community and others within the clinical trials ecosystem
  • Public speaking skills and experience desirable


Expectations for Patient/Caregiver Representatives

  • Support CTTI's mission within patient advocacy communities
  • Represent the individual patient/caregiver experience
  • Attend and actively participate in CTTI Steering Committee meetings, webinars, and conference calls (travel stipend may be provided for in-person meetings)
    • 2 annual meetings in DC area (Sept/Oct and Mar/Apr)
  • Participate in CTTI projects
    • Serve as an active member and/or co-leader for at least one project team
    • Provide patient/caregiver voice for other CTTI project activities as appropriate
  • Seek opportunities to promote and engage others in CTTI’s work and in implementing CTTI’s recommendations



  • 3-year term with opportunity to be extended based on participation and performance
  • CTTI values collaboration, constructive dialogue, mutual respect, and solution-oriented thinking.  Thus, CTTI reserves the right to bring a term to close early should a representative not be a good fit with the organizational values or fail to meet the expectations listed above.


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