Case Studies

The Building Better Clinical Trials: A Case Study Exchange features case studies from several organizations that have used CTTI recommendations or tools to improve clinical trials. Each case study details an organization’s challenges and opportunities; the actions taken, the impact, lessons learned, and advice for others.


The Case Study Exchange site is designed to provide users with easy access to participating organizations so they can request more information and/or share the information with others (via email, LinkedIn, or share icons). These collective best practices and innovative solutions can provide the research community with new ways to lead more efficient, streamlined trials. 


Want to be Featured on Building Better Clinical Trials?

If your organization has used one of CTTI’s recommendations or tools and would like to be featured on the case study site, we may be able to include your story.

By sharing your experience and perspective, you can showcase your organization’s success while providing helpful information that will benefit other organizations, and facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing, across the research community.

Please reach out to Karisa Merrill today to learn more.