Developing Novel Endpoints Generated by Mobile Technology for Use in Clinical Trials

CTTI Project: Novel Endpoints

Webinar Presenters


  • Martin Landray, PhD, FRCP, University of Oxford
  • Marc Walton, Johnson and Johnson


  • Leonard Sacks, FDA
  • Lauren Bataille, The Michael J Fox Foundation
  • Wendy Snyder, Amgen
  • Rob Wilson, ActiGraph

Webinar Objective

New CTTI Recommendations and Tools Equip Stakeholders to Integrate Mobile Technology into Clinical Trials

Mobile technologies hold enormous promise for clinical research, but uncertainty about how to use the data captured by these devices has slowed progress. In this webinar, CTTI unveils recommendations and tools that aim to change this by providing a pathway for using information gathered from mobile technologies to accelerate the development and evaluation of urgently needed therapies.

Webinar Resources

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