CTTI Meetings

Stakeholder Perceptions of the Use of Mobile Technology in Clinical Trials

CTTI Project: Engaging Patients and Sites

Meeting Location

Hyatt Regency Bethesda 1 Bethesda Metro Center, Bethesda, MD 20814


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Meeting Objectives:

  • Present findings from CTTI evidence gathering activities examining the perspectives of investigators and potential research participants on the use of mobile technology for collection of objective data in clinical trials.
  • Discuss how this and additional evidence presented may be used to provide direction to the research enterprise for the appropriate utilization of mobile technology in clinical trials.
  • Identify products that CTTI should develop to equip the clinical trials enterprise to address the barriers, preferences, and needs of investigative site personnel and potential research participants in regulatory submission trials using mobile technology.

Meeting Presentations:

  1. Welcome and Background by Annemarie Forrest
  2. Keynote Presentation by John Wilbanks
  3. Findings from the MCT Stakeholder Perceptions Survey of Potential Clinical Trial Participants by Angie Botto-van Bemden, Cindy Geoghegan, and Les Jordan
  4. Key Considerations for Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials by Suzanne Schrandt
  5. Ethical and Privacy Considerations of Mobile Technology by Camille Nebeker
  6. Findings from MCT Stakeholder Perceptions Investigator Interviews by Bill Wood