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Pregnancy Testing in Clinical Trials Expert Meeting

CTTI Project: Pregnancy Testing

Meeting Location

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Bethesda, MD


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Meeting Background

Designing a pregnancy testing protocol for a clinical trial requires balancing the performance characteristics of a given test, the baseline risk of pregnancy in a given subject population, the potential risks to the fetus from study interventions, and the effect of the testing protocol on overall study implementation in terms of burden to subjects, burden on staff, and direct costs. There are no published data on the consistency of sponsors, investigators, or institutional review boards (IRBs) in applying these criteria to designing and evaluating pregnancy testing protocols. However, anecdotal reports indicate that there is widespread variability.

Development of evidence-based guidance that explicitly considers the level of acceptable risk to suggest appropriate pregnancy testing protocols will ultimately improve protection of research subjects, reduce the risk of unintended fetal exposure, and reduce the workload of sponsors, investigators, IRBs, and other stakeholders in the clinical trial enterprise.


Meeting Objectives

  • Present survey findings and computer simulation model results from the CTTI project entitled, Developing Rational Guidance for Pregnancy Testing in Clinical Trials
  • Discuss practices and challenges in assessing the acceptable risk of pregnancy and implementing a pregnancy testing protocol for a clinical trial
  • Solicit additional feedback and develop consensus on factors to consider when assessing acceptable risk of pregnancy in clinical trials


Meeting Presentations*

Day 1

Day 2


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