CTTI Meetings

Master Protocol Expert Meeting

CTTI Project: Master Protocol Studies

Meeting Overview:
The purpose of the meeting was to explore and develop strategies to address common challenges related to the design and implementation of master protocols, including:

  • Mapping the pre-planning, planning, and execution processes of a master protocol trial.
  • Strategizing solutions to common roadblocks related to the pre-planning, planning, and execution of a master protocol study.  
  • Identifying and prioritizing the creation of tools to support the adoption of emerging best practices outlined by CTTI’s roadmap.

Meeting Materials:

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summary


Participant List

Full Presentation Set - Day 1

Full Presentation Set - Day 2

Welcoming Remarks & Meeting Overview

Session I: Landscape Review

Session II: Building Capacity for Innovation

Session III: Small Group Breakout Sessions

Session IV: Tool Identification

Session V: Next Steps & Closing Comments