CTTI Meetings

Expert Meeting on Large Simple Trials (LSTs)

CTTI Project: Large Simple Trials

Meeting Location

Hilton Washington DC/Rockville Hotel and Executive Center, Rockville, MD


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Meeting Background

The purpose of this meeting is to develop recommendations to facilitate and promote the adoption of LST designs for regulatory submissions or other purposes.


Meeting Objectives

  • Discuss findings from a survey of practices 
  • Discuss strategies that companies are using to implement LSTs 
  • Discuss the challenges to LSTs


Meeting Presentations*

Day 1 - Session 1: Landscape of LSTs

Day 1 - Session 2: Models of Approaches to LSTs 

Day 2


*The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are those of the individual presenter and should not be attributed to the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative, or any organization with which the presenter is employed or affiliated.