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Duke-Margolis Fourth Annual Conference on Real-World Data and Evidence

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Presentation: Embedding Practical Trials in EHRs: A Critical Approach for Leveraging Randomization, Objective Endpoints, Large Sample Size, and Minimal Data Collection to Deliver Decisive Results
Presenter: Pamela Tenaerts (CTTI)

SC CTSI Webinar

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Presentation: Breaking Down (Brick) Walls: Switching to Remote, Virtual, & Decentralized Clinical Trials
Presenters: Pamela Tenaerts (CTTI)

Patient Engagement Open Forum

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Presentation: Patient Engagement and Quality by Design: Co-Developing an Implementation Roadmap for Clinical Trials
Presenters: Zachary Hallinan (CTTI), Jaye Bea Smalley (Individual Patient/Caregiver), and Karlin Schroeder (Parkinson's Foundation)