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Study Start-UpCTTI Project Cateogy: Study Start-Up

Project Status: New


What is the issue?

Clinical trial sponsors are facing an increasing number of trials that fail to meet recruitment and retention goals. This failure results in missed opportunities for patients who can benefit from clinical trials, and it wastes time, funds, and other resources. Many explanations have been offered to explain this failure. Among them are that patients are not aware of clinical trials that may be of interest to them, and also that recruitment and retention technologies have not kept pace with advances in communications and other technologies.


What are the objectives of this project?

Address the barriers to recruitment and retention of patients in clinical trials through the identification of solutions to those barriers.


What will the deliverables of this project be?

  • Recommendations document
  • Publications as appropriate


Snapshot of CTTI's Recruitment Project

Snapshot of CTTI's Recruitment & Retention Project