Expert Meeting

Optimizing Operational Efficiencies for Data Collection in HABP/VABP Trials

November 12, 2013
Arlington, Virginia

Project Category: Investigational PlanProject: ABDD Workstream 4 - Data Collection

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Meeting Background

The goal of this meeting is to seek practical solutions to streamline the operational processes and build efficiencies for data collection in HABP/VABP trials.


Meeting Presentations

Session 1: Challenges in data collection for HABP/VABP trials

Session 1 Goal: Understanding the issues surrounding data collection in HABP/VABP trials

Session 1 Focus: Why reducing excessive non-critical data collection in HABP/VABP trials would improve data quality, and benefit investigators, sponsors, reviewers, and patients

Session 2: Regulatory requirements for AE data collection in registration trials

Session 2 Goal: Discuss different regulatory requirements and the challenges of meeting these requirements for data collection for HABP/VABP registration trials that are globally conducted, and evaluate whether future work is needed to harmonize approach to AE collection

Session 2 Focus: AE collection and adjudication of relatedness and seriousness; Reporting of SAE’s and SUSARS and evaluation

Session 3: Strategies to simplify data collection using a QbD approach

Session 3 Goal: To simplify the recording, monitoring, and review to make HABP/VABP trials more feasible and economical

Session 3 Focus: Reduction in the amount of data collected by identifying data that are critical to quality and those that may be essential to determine the benefit/risk of the treatment for registration, and those may be less informative


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