CTTI engages all stakeholders as equal partners to analyze existing research impediments and recommend consensus-driven, actionable solutions that will lead to a more sustainable and effective clinical trial system.

The clinical trials enterprise is in crisis. The complexity and cost of trials has resulted in a system that is unsustainable and often fails to provide patients and regulatory agencies with reliable and timely information about treatment and prevention options. In response, the FDA and Duke co-founded CTTI to identify and promote practices that will increase the quality and efficiency of clinical trials. Our evidence-based work is being used to inform both policy and decision-making in the interest of public health, as well as streamline the operation of clinical trials.

We strive to make clinical trials MORE EFFICIENT & QUALITY-DRIVEN by:

MultistakeholderEngaging all stakeholders in the clinical trials enterprise.Evidence-BasedUsing evidence to issue official recommendations that will improve the quality & efficiency of trials.Dissemination ToolsCreating tools to facilitate the adoption of CTTI's official recommendations.



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CTTI encourages the use of all materials listed on this site in the pursuit of improving the clinical trials enterprise. Our recommendations, tools, meeting summaries, and more are available to the public for free. We do ask that you acknowledge the source whenever using or referencing CTTI materials. Read our Citation Policy here.